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Life For The World - Hope and Healing for Haiti


Life For The World exists to provide hope and healing to the country of Haiti. Over the last 40 years, Haiti has gone through 80 different governments. Their landscape has been devastated by deforestation which has caused the soil to become infertile. Haitians need hope and help. Life For The World provides that through getting to know the Haitian people, teaching Haitians to value themselves and their heritage, and through building orphanages, sustainable living situations, and by partnering with hunger organizations.

Mike Fedele read a book about the conditions in Haiti in 2000 and decided he had to see for himself. Gathering his things together, Mike journeyed to Haiti where he spent 3 months. What he saw changed his life. After seeing first-hand nameless naked children begging for food, and speaking with the locals, Mike made the decision to help those that he could. Gathering the children he had gotten to know, Mike began providing them with food and shelter from his own income. What began out of impulse quickly grew as Mike bought property and began the Maranatha Orphanage and Primary School. What began with 8 children has grown to 160 children today who are clothed, fed, and educated at the Orphanage. Today, Mike returns as often as possible to assist in the organization, by managing a small staff and running the day-to-day.


Life For the World seeks to help Haiti in the following ways:

  • Operating and supporting Maranatha Orphanage and School in Source Matelas
  • Creating sustainable-living programs to empower Haitians to provide for themselves
  • Providing life-skills and training to orphans re-entering the world
  • Meeting, dancing, and singing with local Haitians
  • Building meaningful relationships

The Struggles of the Haitian children are many. The average Haitian family lives on less than a dollar a day! The children are undernourished, under educated and generally under cared for. The heart of the Haitian parent is to care for their children, but they don't have the means. In many cases, the parents give their children to other families hoping they'll have a better life. But the reality is that the children become indentured slaves. This article entitled, "Haitian children sold as cheap labourers and prostitutes for little more than £50" describes how Hatian children are sold into slavery.

Your tax deductible donation goes a long way to rebuild

We are located approximately 20 miles north of Port-au-Prince. Although we suffered no deaths and only minor injuries, the Earthquake has destroyed our facilities. Our children are sleeping outside, we have no water, scarce food, and no ability to rebuild the buildings, walls and structures on our own. Further, because our building’s footprint encompasses a large area of our lot, we have no place to put the children in order to rebuild. The need is great!

Funds from the current capital drive will be allocated first for temporary relocation, shelter, food and sanitation. Once this is secured, the rebuilding process will be assessed and commenced. Throughout the last 7 years, the organization has spent upwards of $350,000 on various structures, and we anticipate the cost of today’s demolition and rebuilding to be somewhat equivalent. These funds are required in addition to the normal operating budget of $325,000 per year. All rebuilding efforts will consider sustainability, job training for our older children, and efficiency.

LFTW, Inc. is a 501(c) that operates the Maranatha Orphanage and School in Haiti. We feed, clothe, house and educate 130 orphans and village children each day. We use our school facility to host Christian worship for 200+ persons each Saturday. We also created a small goat farm, operated by our older children as a micro-business. Our founder, Michael Fedele, began Maranatha 7 years ago with just 4 children. The orphanage and school have grown to be a vital part of the local village, and the only family for most of the children under our guardianship.

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