Seans Run

Final pace run lasy night, 2 miles, at 930, 830 then 2 miles at 806 mile pace, 146 1/2 Marathon pace. Felt kind of quick,so I think I will stick with the goal of sub 150. I will go out at a pace that feels comfortable, hopefully that will be no more than 823, which is what I will need to maintain to break 150.

Sean’s Run

Pace run went great. 2 miles 940,856 pace. Then 3 mile pace run at 819 pace, which equals a 146 Half Marathon. Tonight, will try for an even faster pace. Psyched for Sunday!

Seans Running

I am doing pace running on the treadmill this week. Monday, I ran 2 miles easy, then 3 miles at 849 mile pace, which is a 1:55 half marathon. Today and tomorrow I hope to improve that to 150 or better pace. This will give me a good idea what to shoot for Sunday.

Seans Running

Friday I ran an easy 7.2 miles. Saturday, ran 13.1 in 202! Very psyched, I think that puts me in a position where I can shoot for under 150 at the race,

Surdi watch out!!!!

Smoked 11.0 miles today in the morning…..

Mike Fedele Ran 14.50 miles today

1 week till the race got to get serious.  First 13.1 in 1:42:04.

Raquel’s run Jan.19th

I ran/walked 8 miles today.

Today Training for Mike Fedele – Ran 8.6 miles

Ran 6.0 in 41:55, thats 6:59 pace.



Mike Fedele ran 15.8 miles today

took me 2 hours

Seans Running

Tuesday I ran around 6.3 miles. Wednesday I did 6.6 miles, my 3 loop Wicker Park Run, fastest one yet. First loop 928 mile pace, then progressively faster, 923 2nd loop and 901 pace 3rd loop, avg overall pace 918. 61:20. Considering this is done in 32 degree weather, alone and at night, I am very confident I can run a somewhat faster pace in Miami, maybe under 9 minutes, which would put me at a 157 Half Marathon.  Who knows if I can run an 845 pace, that would put me at 154. To break 150 would take an 824, dont know if I have that in me, but you never can tell ! :)