Mike’s Training Today and Yesterday

Ran 8.15 yesterday in one hour on and 7.3 today in one hour.


Seans Run

Yesterday I ran 6 miles on the treadmill, in 56:59, a 930 pace. Like I told Mike, even in this weather I still like running outside more, the treadmill is boring and seems to take forever. Today it is a little less cold outside, so thankfully I will get my outdoor run in.

Seans Running

On Friday I did the same loop at Wicker as I did on Tuesday, getting faster, total time over a minute faster, 61:35 for 6.6, 9:20 pace, just off the 909 needed to break 2 hours. Saturday I ran 5 miles, not as fast, a little sore.

Seans running this weekend

It will be close to 60 degrees outside in the Chicago area, very rare! So I plan on logging a lot of miles this weekend!

This Weekend

It will be close to 60 here in the Chicago area this weekend, very rare! I have got to get out there and put in some heavy training miles!

Audrey’s Run 1.9.13

I ran 8 miles yesterday!!! It was awesome!! Only 5 miles more and I am 13, woooohooo!!! Tomorrow I plan on doing 10 miles!!

Seans run Tuesday

I ran 6.6 miles on Tuesday, 3 laps of 2.2. I picked up the pace throughout, first 2.2 at 9:50, 2nd at 9:41, and last 2.2 miles in 9:07, which is under 2 hour 1/2 Marathon pace.

Seans run today

Wow, Im shocked. Went to Wicker Park, was hoping to get a good long run in – maybe 9 miles. Felt so good I ran 13.2 miles!! LOL now i know I can do it in Miami. Took me 2:13, was on pace for 209 but hit the wall last 2 miles.

Sean’s Running

Thursday I ran 7 miles, last 6 949 pace. Want to bring that pace down to 909 by the time Miami rolls around. to break 2 hours. Three weeks to go so i think its possible. Total for week was around 30 miles. Then today ran another 6 miles, 59 min. Feeling stronger every run!

Mike Fedele Trained 8.62 miles in 1 hour taday at LA Fitness!

Getting there…I want to break 1:25 in the half marathon!