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Back to School for Maranatha

We invite you to take a moment to view the class pictures taken this week at Maranatha Orphanage & School. Our enrollment continues to grow with more than 300 students in attendance this year.

Back-to-School-for-Maranatha (PDF)

Solar Power Update

We are grateful for your support for the solar power project. Our boys' dorm now has electricity! Thank you for making this dream a reality for Maranatha Orphanage.

Solar Power Update (PDF)

Solar Power for Our Boys

To meet the needs of our resident children, we would like to add a solar power source for the boys' dorm. The initial investment will provide four years of electricity without additional monthly expense. 

Solar Power For Our Boys (PDF)

Welcome and Farewell

A fine group of young men make up the Maranatha Orphanage Family this year. Charles Dieufort and Mescene Girard are "Big Brothers" to eight younger boys. Welcome and best wishes for a great year of school and community at Maranatha!

Welcome and Farewell (PDF)

Uniforms and Books for Maranatha

While the summer is speeding by Maranatha is busy preparing for the Fall school session. Books and supplies need to be purchased and fabric distributed to give the tailors time to sew the uniforms. Please consider contributing to the "Back to School Budget" for Maranatha Orphanage & School. We need to raise $8,552.30 to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Uniforms and Books for Maranatha (PDF)

Maranatha's Summer Building Project

Thank you for making the 2016-2017 school year a success! While the children enjoy their summer break in July and August, Maranatha will be busy preparing for the Fall school session. This year Maranatha's secondary school hopes to add a fourth grade level. This is equivalent to our 10th grade of high school. To accommodate this growth, we need to build additional classrooms.

Maranatha's Summer Building Project (PDF)

Congratulations to Maranathas Graduating Students

We are pleased to announce that 6 of Maranatha's resident students will be taking the official examination administered in Port au Prince. A successful exam allows them to continue their education beyond the Secondary 9 grade level. Enold Izmorin, Hernande Cesar, Meilson Dimanche, Sheila Severe, Schnaider Alcima and Kender Sainlus will be participating in this national testing July 3rd through 5th.

Congratulations to Maranathas Graduating Students (PDF)

Franscesca Is Smiling

Maranatha's sweet Franscesca Alexis is thrilled to have your support to return to school. She visited Maranatha Orphanage to give her thanks for making this possible. It is great to see her contagious smile and her return of strength and energy.

Franscesca Is Smiling (PDF)

Thankful Thoughts  - Hopeful Hearts

We welcome this season of gratitude and invite you to count our blessings with us. Reflecting on the past year there is much to be thankful for.

View the Full Story (PDF)

The Children Need Clean Drinking Water

Franscesca Alexis has been sick for a week. First she was treated at a little hospital in the village. She is in a lot of pain. Finally she visited a big private hospital. She is ill because of the bad water. Our pump, inverter and batteries are not good. I spent much money for her but her pain continues. Please pray for her.

View the Full Story (PDF)

Music at Maranatha

Music is a delight to our children at Maranatha. They have had limited musical instruction yet their cheerful, harmonious voices are a pleasure to hear.

Music at Maranatha (PDF)

Maranatha's Beach Trip

May is always an eventful month at Maranatha. Through your generosity the much anticipated May 13th beach outing was a success. The children enjoyed swimming and a special picnic lunch.

Maranatha's Beach Trip (PDF)

Thank You for the New Mattresses!

The boys of Maranatha Orphanage would like to say a big "THANK YOU" for the new mattresses. We appreciate each one that responded to this need for the comfort of the children and the requirement of the officials.

View the Full Story (PDF)

Urgent Needs for Maranatha

We are so grateful for your compassion and generosity. Here is an opportunity to share some LOVE with Maranatha's children on this special day we call VALENTINE'S DAY. Our boys' housing is in need of some Tender Loving Care! Last week a government inspector toured Maranatha Orphanage & School. We have several updates to make to comply with his inspection.

Urgent Needs for Maranatha (PDF)

Thankful Hearts at Maranatha

During this season of thanksgiving we extend our deepest gratitude to our friends, sponsors and supporters for your compassion and generosity. Your kindness has brought joy and hope to the children of Maranatha and the Source Matelas community.

View the Full Story (PDF)

Urgent Needs for Maranatha

Please consider the request from Maranatha's Director, Maurice, for a new water pump and parts and repairs for the generator. These are urgentneeds for the orphanage and school.

View the Full Story (PDF)

Maranatha Class Pictures and a Letter from Maurice

Your generosity is putting smiles on the faces of 308 children.  They love their school! We hope you will take a moment to view the class pictures taken recently at Maranatha Orphanage & School.

Maranatha Class Pictures and a Letter from Maurice (PDF)

Life For the World 2015 Gift Catalog

Read the Story Here

We're always looking for new and innovative ways to share our vision for the future of Haiti's children.  Our new interactive gift catalog gives a face to what our donors, new and old, are working towards.  Take a look at our new 2015 gift catalog to see what you can donate to the children of Maranatha Orphanage and School and what kind of impact that donation can have.  Whether it's a bag of mangoes or a teacher's salary, every donation is appreciated.  Feel free to share this link with your friends, family, or anyone else who may be willing to give.  Together we can create a better world for every Haitian child.

Maranatha 2014 Year in Review

You have created a world filled with hope for 300 students at
Maranatha Orphanage & School. With your help in 2014
Maranatha reached several important milestones. Thank you
for your passion to make a difference for our children.

Maranatha 2014 Year in Review (PDF)

Maranatha Newsletter October 2014

We hope you will take a moment to view the class pictures taken this week at Maranatha Orphanage & School. We have three kindergarten classes, six primary classes and two secondary classes. Your generosity is putting smiles on the faces of 295 children. They love their school!

View the Full Story (PDF)

Maranatha's Graduation Celebration

Thank you for making Maranatha's graduation celebration possible. The June 28th event was a meaningful day in the lives of the students as they celebrated with awards, speeches and a dance performance and reflected on the history of their school, the accomplishments of the past year and their promotion to new classes. 

View the Full Story (PDF)

Laughter and Tears at Maranatha

The highlight of the week for our students in the
kindergarten classes was a pool party on the patio at

View the Full Story (PDF)

A Swim and Picnic for the Children of Maranatha

Read the Story Here

Thank you for making Maranatha's annual field trip possible through your generosity. The children spent the day enjoying Lake Azuei, a picnic lunch and bus rides. For most of our children, this is the only time of the year that they enjoy a swim and special day with their friends away from home and school.

Maranatha Update - Fever, Exams, and Graduation

Read the Story Here

We would like to thank you immensely for giving the children at Maranatha Orphanage & School life for the past thirteen years. As the 2013/2014 school year wraps up, we will be honoring our graduates at a graduation celebration and preparing our graduating sixth graders for an official exam. The details of these events are below, as well as an update on health concerns for our staff and students.

Meet Nicolas, Maranatha's Young Artist

Read the Story Here

We are pleased to introduce Nicolas, Maranatha's talented young artist. Nicolas has grown up at Maranatha Orphanage. It has been exciting to see his talents develop.  Your support through the years has brought a world of hope and joy to Nicolas.

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